Bits of brainstorming for 2018

The KEY WORD for 2018 is EXPLOREBREATHE and SELF-CARE. I’ll touch on that more in my next posts.


I have a PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS coming end of January (31st to be more precise) and I am super excited about it. Actually this is not my first photography class. I took one last year, in Spring I believe and it was very informative. It lasted a day which included 3 hours of practice plus 3 hours of theory and then we went back to the studio for critiquing.

The thing is I was very excited when I left. I practiced a little after for a few days and never touched the camera again. This time I learned my lessons, I picked a class comprised of 30 hours of teaching spread throughout 3 months approximately. This way there’s no excuse not to practice since I can’t logically show up to the next class without having practiced my lessons. Plus it’ll give me time to make some same-interest friends who could prove very useful to keep me motivated to practice after the class is over.

I would like to spice things up a bit on the blog and explore more interesting content. I think a little BLOG REDESIGN is in order. Nothing fancy, just a bit of a broom  to make the space a tiny bit more attractive and hopefully easier on the eyes. I feel like it is always a pull between posting what I like and what I think I should be posting. I have to find a balance in order not to look like a scatterbrain to you dear reader.  One thing you must know about me is that I am quite good at punishing myself all by my little self. Left alone on weekends, my life would be a brain surgery on repeat with no hope of recovery. Good thing dear husband is there to remind me it is my turn to do the dishes:).

Possible sections that may/could be added or enriched:


Naturally I want to continue posting once a week or at the very least 3 times a month in busier periods at work. I would also like to ADD a PERSONAL STYLE FILE CATEGORY in order to streamline and explore my personal style a bit more and put some more focus on it.


You guys I have so many plans for this blog but somehow I have difficulty translating all of those wonderful ideas into equally interesting concepts (insert the whole world is against me emoji here :).

What do you guys think about the sections I am thinking of adding? Do they seem interesting to you? Do you guys have any suggestions or thoughts? What would you guys like to see more of on the F-Files?

If you guys could take some time and leave a thought that would be much appreciated, in fact, it would make my week! Gros bisous!!

One thought on “Bits of brainstorming for 2018

  1. Ida Auclond 18 February 2018 / 0 12 06 02062

    The all seem like good ideas! I think it all depends on what you have the most to write about. ^_^


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